Who we are

Falcon O.G.E.E in brief

We cannot accomplish this aggressive goal alone. Falcon Oil & Gas are a perfect match with our partner companies in Iraq and around the world:

  • Wahran Companies –Specializing in Electro Mechanical Work.
  • Iraqi National General Contracting Company – EPC Projects.
  • Al Masatt al Binaa- Specializing in Infrastructure Projects and Heavy Equipment procurement in Iraq.
  • Al Sahar , based in Jordan –Our engineering group.

Falcon Airline Service- Specializing in transportation and logistics. The union of skills and services opens up a world of possible new ventures all over the globe that spells even greater opportunities for even more of our customers. Falcon Oil & Gas is built upon values like honesty, integrity, continuous improvement, belief in people and a constant commitment to safety. Our Values are simple and we incorporate these in our daily operations, never forgetting the foundations of our success:


Honesty and Integrity


Exceeding Client Expectations


Belief in our Ability


Hard Work and Continuous Improvement


Doing it Better


Celebrating Success

Most importantly, at Falcon Oil & Gas we monitor, from its inception

all significant procurement activities affecting our organization. The monitoring shall ensure that all fraudulent activities are identified to cognizant procurement